Pattern Pyramid Giveaway IS HERE!

This is a really great idea and a fab giveaway.

Sew Your Heart Out

Okay – I have (finally) chosen my pattern from the stash lovingly sent to me from across the pond.  Okay, I chose more than one, I was having so much trouble deciding on which one.  So, I have replaced a few with some of my own.

The patterns  – most (but not all) are multi-sized patterns, most range from 8 – 22/24 (US sizing), and therefore, can be fairly easily alterterd to fit pretty much any size.

So heres how it works……

  • Comment on this post indicating your wanting to take part, at the end of the alloted period of time all names are entered into a random selection program, the name that is thrown out at me is the next recipient!!! Easy peasy huh!?
  • This is NOT exclusive to the USA so please feel free where ever you are on the planet, give it a go ….. I will…

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Resewlutions 2014


As it’s the first ‘normal’ weekend of 2014 I thought I’d take the time to reflect on the past year and document my hopes for this new one.

Inspired by attending a number of sewing classes 2013 was the year that I found my sewing mojo. The classes that I attended include:

  • 5 week bag making
  • Beginners quilting
  • Applique
  • Basic Dressmaking
  • Making a top

Via these classes I learnt how to insert seams, sew button holes, add zips and attach bias binding. This lead to me making both my first skirt  and my first tunic although I’m not sure the skirts going to get much wear as I was seduced by the ‘beginners’ label rather than thinking about my style. Last year I also bought tonnes of haberdashery supplies, dress making patterns and gorgeous jersey fabric so now that I’ve learnt the lesson about sewing items that will fit with my personal tastes I’m looking forward to a busy but hopefully inexpensive year of sewing. Yeah right, somehow I doubt the stash will be any smaller this time next year as I’m already 99.9% sure that I’m going to end up buying this fantastic bunting inspired jersey from RayStich. After all my Peony muslim is going to be completed tomorrow and once I’ve gone through the pain of making alterations to the fit (this will also be a first) I deserve some beatiful fabric to make the final version in.

bunting_1In 2014 I would like to continue practicing and developing my skills by:

  • Making the time to sew for a at least a short time every week – I’ve signed up to a dressmaking class at the college where I work so i’ll have two hours dedicated sewing time every Monday 🙂
  • Continuing with The Monthly Stitch along – I managed to complete my November project in time but Decembers project is still a WIP. However i’m going for quality over quantity and as a newbies surely I’m allowed the odd extension?
  • Take part in Collettes’s ‘The Wardrobe Architect’ project which will involve taking a less haphazard approach to choosing sewing projects. With the aim being to reduce the number of me-made items that I don’t wear by spending the time to planning my sewing so that they reflect my own personal style.

First make of 2014


Laundry Sack

Happy New Year my friends. I hope you have all been enjoying the first few days of 2014 and are suitable refreshed after the holiday period. As I work in the education sector I’ve been lucky enough to have two whole weeks off but am unfortunately now on countdown to the start of the new term. I only have three more lazying around days till I’m back at it :-(.

With the new year representing new beginning and all that jazz I decided to spend most of the holidays decorating my bedroom room and up-cycling furniture for the house I’m going to buy in 2013. I decided to pain the room as I’ve never got round to putting my own stamp on it in May and I want it to finally feel like it’s ‘mine’ rather than a guest room. I’m not completely happy with my projects yet so you’ll have to wait for a post on that but I did however sew a new laundry bag last night which I have posted photos of above. I’m so rock and roll. As I am out of string and am not spending money this month the closing isn’t finished yet. I’m going to add a few belt hoops to thread the string through to create a drawstring effect. I also need to create a second bag so that I can separate my whites and colours as I hate sorting laundry before I’m able to wash it. A domestic goddess I am not.

In the spirit of being thrifty (i do have a house deposit to save for) the fabric for this bag was from my stash. The peacock print is from an old curtain that I picked up at the vintage fair I blogged about in the summer whilst the blue polly cordon, again purchased in the summer, was sourced from a stall on Nottingham’s market.

How has everyone else been spending their festive brake? Has anyone finished their first make of 2014 yet?

Fabulous Places Christmas Fair

Howdy folks.

It’s always great to be writing a post for you lovely lot but today is especially nice as it means that camera is fixed! Last week I was really excited to finally be at home when their was enough daylight to take a few pictures of my recent purchases however after ‘the shoot’ I ended damaging the memory card and therefore was unable to download any of the pictures. After a quick visit to the shops to buy a new memory card and normal service can resume 🙂

By the way out of the two interviews I attend I was offered two jobs so will be starting a new post on Monday! I will also shortly be moving back out of the mothers (I can’t believe I managed 6 months!) and closer to work. A few weekends ago, in preparation for the house move and to bring me luck with the interviews, I went hunting for goods for home decoration at Fabulous Places Christmas Market. Although there were rooms full of fantastic crafters I ended up buying a print designed by Louise Wright and a tea towel and mug created by Jade Devall. I’ve followed both of these makers on Facebook for some time so it’s really nice to finally own some of their work. As soon as I move both the tea towel and print will be framed, taking pride of place in my new living room.Louise Wright Design Owl
Jade Devill Ay Up
Jade Devall Designs Ay Up


A great British sewing feat – my first me-made dress


Evening folks. Wanting a push to get me sewing more often, and eventually out of my sewing comfort zone (once I find it) I’ve decided to join The Monthly Stitch Collective. As each month participants are challenged to sew one or ore items based on a certain theme. I was certainly pushed to try something new this month as the challenge was to sew something out of a book.

I’m terrible at buying books based on their gorgeous photographs of colourful handmade creations yet I never seem to get from buying the book to actually making any of the projects. For this months stitch along, having recently purchased a discounted copy of the Great British Sewing Bee, I eventually decided to sew the free tunic pattern from the back of the book. Being a shorty at 5’2 the muslin has ended up as a loose fitting dress however I’m happy with the result.

Having made the muslin in a plain black jersey and with it turning out ok I’ve decided to declare this my first me-made dress! I even wore it to work and a sewing class this week and after a bit of LOOK AT ME I received lots of compliments about the garment. I eventually want to add embellishments to the collar area but seen as I had a job interview on Friday and have another next week (I will hopefully find out about them both next Friday) sewing is on hold for the moment whilst I prep.

Once I’m able to get back into the sewing room I’m also going to make another version of the dress/tunic in  blue flowery liberty jersey as it doesn’t take long to cut and sew the garment pieces together.

Great British Sewing Bee Tunic

No more ill fitting clothes? I can customise them instead!

I’ve just applied for a new post and to bring me luck I’ve already invested in the interview dress. Surely if I already have THE DRESS they got to offer me an interview? Fingers crossed!


The navy Peter Jensen Rabbit dress is from People Tree which is one of my favourite stores, and it specialises in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion. Although I absolutely loved the dress before I’d even ordered it I knew the high neckline would make me look frumpy so I was already planning on altering the neckline once it arrived.

Making the first cut was pretty scary though. I’ve never altered a garment before and at £68 I couldn’t afford to mess this up. To get the shape for the neckline I pinned the dress up against a v-neck t-shirt that I wear all the time and used tailors chalk to draw around the outline. I then cut down the middle of the shape, turned the material inside and pinned. After trying it on to check that it looked ok I sewed up the seams and wa la, here’s the finished garment:

peter jensen rabbit dress navy
peopletreeVstraighton copy

The neckline has ended up slightly to one side but I don’t think it’s really noticeable once on. Even if it is I’m not too bothered, I have the ability to alter garments to suit my shape, even if it does go a little bit wrong being able to alter my own clothes is still a special skills to have!

A perfect afternoon

On Sunday I spent a perfect autumnal afternoon wrapped up inside Buttons and Bows Sewing Boutique eating cake and learning how to sew a basic capped sleeve blouse. The workshop, which involved constructing a sample blouse using the pattern New Look 6356, has taught me how to sew a concealed zip, ease in a sleeve and how to add bias binding. So not only did I have a fabulous time I came away with skills for life which is an awesome thing to happen on any day of the week but especially on a chilled out Sunday afternoon.

As a beginner the blouse does have a few areas that need ‘practice’ but I did learn that my concentration goes after the first hour then the ‘it’s only a sample’ attitude appears and it’s mistakes galore. Therefor I need to be a lot less slap dash and pay more attention to detail when creating an item to wear otherwise I’ll end up spending a fortune on fabric. Especially as Buttons and Bows stock a beautiful range.

With the new techniques fresh in my mind I’m going to attempt the Sewholic Renfew pattern. I have a rubbish memory so hopefully the practice will help me to remember the techniques in the future. I’ll keep you updated on my progress with the sewing so wish me luck!

Buttons and Bows Belper

Sample top full


refew next project