May’s photo scavenger hunt

I’ve just started to take part in Kathy’s photo scavenger hunt over at Below are the photo’s that I took for May’s challenge


Good things

A rainbow after a storm.

Small packages

Today I visited a local craft fair where I found these small origami boxes which have been created by Sarah Luckman.


A fragrant wind swept flower bed at the school where the craft fair was held.


This is my local Police station. A lot of the Police stations near my previous homes have been large, unattractive, concreate buildings so this building seems really beautiful in comparison.


It’s hard to miss the nose on this 9ft 6inch tall rabbit by Sophie Ryder at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Front page

Two of the projects I have led at work this month have ended up in the college wide newsletter. It’s nice when your efforts are appreciated.


Another picture taken at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This sculpture, Trees by Dennis Oppenheim, contains nine random objects including a fence, a chair and a dog house.


Pepsi is my favourite drink.I’m trying to cut down on the amount of rubbish I eat so have taken to buying the mini 250ml cans.


We use a large whisky bottle as our change jar. This picture was taken by looking down the barrel of the jar.

It was taken with my new camera before being cropped using the the Instagram app.


Remains of the 13th century stone castle at Sandal. The castle is best known for the famous Battle of Wakefield which was fought nearby in 1460 during the War of the Roses. Richard, Duke of York was killed in the battle.


The council are re-routing and re-laying the roads near my flat. I was aiming for a picture of the yellow road sign, to let sign, work man’s jacket, the telephone box advertisement and the van but just as I was about to take this photo a yellow car stopped at the traffic lights to make the picture even more yellowy.

Do you see what I see?

Can you see the girrafes head?


13 thoughts on “May’s photo scavenger hunt

  1. Welcome to the scavenger hunt. You’ve taken a great set of photos, I love nine. YSP is on my places to visit list but I haven’t made it there – I’ve heard lots about it on blogs! We had the same ideas for station and currency! I’m trying to cut down on fizz too – I’m a coke addict (ooh, perhaps I should say cola, lol!) and yes, I see the giraffes head!

  2. Thanks for the comment Louise. I see from your blog you live on the edge of the Peak District . I grew up in Chesterfield so I loved your pics of Dovedale- it reminded me of Sunday afternoon walks. You should definitely have a trip to the sculpture park it’s prefect for a picnic on a sunny day.

  3. What a great start you have made to the scavenger hunt. I love so many of your photos! It’s sp difficult to choose some favourites! I would have to choose the sculpture, your front page and the whiskey jar.

  4. Yep I see the giraffe! And the rabbit is brilliant – the sculpture park isn’t far from my sister and must be worth a visit next time I head that way. Welcome to the hunt! Ellen x

  5. I can see the giraffe! Love the yellow one, how kind of the driver to stop just as you were taking your photo. My fave is the rainbow. Great set of photos.
    Lisa x

  6. Yay, i did a cloud too!!! I can totally see the giraffe! Did you see my one and guess it right?! Welcome to the hunt, it’s fun isn’t it! Your yellow shot was wonderfully serendipitous!

  7. Great photos – difficult to pick favourites, I like lots of these! Really like the angle you used for currency, love the rainbow (love rainbows generally!), love the nose one and think thats a beautiful shot for historic – all good really!! 🙂

  8. I always like photos with rainbows, maybe because I always find them difficult to capture. I think that’s my favourite photo of the bunch.

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