Moroccan Pottery

At the start of the month myself and Matt (the other half) went on a four night  break to Marrakesh. As the holiday coincided with the first week of my college’s summer holidays I was absolutely exhausted so we spent most of our time mooching around the pool, however we did manage to fit in a trip to a local pottery shop where I bought a beautifully decorated tagine pot and two candle holders.

Whilst we were there we had a tour of the workshop where we saw the pots being shaped, the drying area and the kiln where they’re fired. It reminded me of my own college days and the compulsory ceramics module I had to take.

I really like the way that the people in Marrakesh don’t waste anything. Even the broken pots outside of the kiln are going to be reshaped and turned into mosaic pieces.

Of course no trip to Marrakech would be complete without a visit to the souks so I also came home with two individual cooking tagines. Luckily they all survived the flight home with only one minor chip in one of the cooking pots.


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