A wonky start

Although I did own a mini sewing machine many years ago I am now the proud owner of my first ‘proper’ sewing machine. I couldn’t wait to use it and as I’m a more get stuck in and see what happens kind of girl I jumped straight into my first project, a simple, or so I thought, Ipad case.

My inspiration for this project came from the craft magazine Mollie Makes.  As an avid reader I buy the magazine every month and a few issues ago there was a feature about creating your own iPad case/bag. Not only was the case gorgeous it was also highly practical – I needed one! Unfortunately although I wanted to at the time I neither owned an iPad or a sewing machine. Seen as this months wages also covered by birthday (Aug 12th) I decided to rectify this and have bought both this week.

Mollie Makes issue 15 iPad case

Even in my over enthusiastic mind I knew the Mollie Makes case was far too complicated for a beginner therefore Google Images became my starting point as I searched for images of ‘fabric iPad cases’ for inspiration. I then decided to jump straight in and make a simple rectangular bag with a zipper fastening – well the zipper was an after thought when I went to get the padding from the habidasherys.

Fabric iPad Case Cover, Handmade in Teal Brown Fabric Pattern

Fabric iPad Case Cover, Handmade in Teal Brown Fabric Pattern

Unfortunately when I was sewing the pieces together I got slightly confused about which pieces to sew first so I ended up putting the case together in a way which meant I had to leave the padding out. This left the piece feeling far too flimsy to be used as an iPad case. Also to my disappointment once I’d finished the bag the wonky bottom edge revealed that I am not a natural at sewing straight lines therefore a lot more practice is needed before I unleash my machine on any more of my best fabric.

1st attempt at iPad case

I need to work on inserting zips


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