How to make an iPad case take two

Yesterday, after last week’s disastrous attempt at creating a fabric iPad case, I decided to give the project another go. I had spend a couple of days researching various patterns and designs, such as Frolickin Foodie and Sew Mama Sew, and now felt confident enough to try again. This time I decided to stitch two pieces of fabric together like the designs in Pink Oasis’s Etsy shop

iPad case by Pink Oasis

As I’m into up-cycling plus I don’t want buy any new material whilst I’m learning to sew I decided to use an old skirt and dress as the material sources for this piece. I already had some wadding in my sewing stash so I was ready to get started straight away.

Old clothes

I was originally following the pattern from Pattern Patti but I found this too complicated so instead I decided to free style. I folded the material around the iPad to get a feel for the amount of material required. Following this I cut around the iPad leaving enough room for the seams. I attached the two types of material together and then with the wadding in between I attached the front and back of the case. I then folded this to form the shape of the case before sewing the seams together. DON’T watch the TV at the same time as doing this as if your a bit ditzy like me you’ll end up sewing the opening together instead of the bottom. The wadding was also far too thick and my basic sewing machine struggled to sew the seams together. Although I still need more practice I’m a lot happier with attempt number two.

Attempt 2


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