How to make a pin cushion

After making a sewing machine cover on Wednesday I had a strip of fabric left over so I decided to turn it into a matching pin cushion.

Haberdashery themed pin cushion

Making a pin cushion is a great project for a novice sewer as it will help you to practice sewing in a straight line and you’ll learn how to seal an object on all 4 sides.

To make your own pin cushion you will need:

  • A strip of fabric (large enough to make a pin cushion when folded in half)
  • Matching thread
  • Toy stuffing
  • A sewing machine

Step 1 – Gather your materials

Step 2 – Iron (press) the material

Iron the material in order to smooth out any lumps or creases. As my strip of material was fairly long I decided to fold the material in half so that I could press both sides at once. I then cut along the seam to produce two pieces of fabric

As this was such a small project I didn’t fancy getting the ironing board out so I laid a towel on the breakfast bar and ironed the material on that.

Step 3 – Pin the piece together

Line both pieces of fabric together and pin along three sides. You need to leave one side open so that you can insert the toy stuffing later.

Leave enough space between the pins and the edge of the fabric so that you can sew the seam without the pins getting in the way of the sewing machines needle – 2cm should be enough. The pins are needed to hold the material together so that it doesn’t slip during sewing.

Step 4 – Sew along three of the edges

Sew a line approximately 1cm from the edge of all the three sides in order to create the seams. Turn the material inside out and fill with toy stuffing making sure that the stuffing goes into the corners of the cushion.

Step 5 – Close the remaining side

To close the bag turn the remaining sides of the material about 1 cm inwards and join the sides together. Again leaving enough room so that you can sew with out the pins getting in the way.

Once the seam has been secured sew along the edge. Reverse the stitch in order to strengthen the seam. Your pin cushion is now finished!

The finished product


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