Alexia Claire – Russian Dolls’ fabric basket

When I discoverd Alexia’s work a few weeks ago I fell in love with her hand designed, screen printed storage baskets and after including her butterfly print basket in Monday’s moodboard I couldn’t resist any longer and purchased the small ‘Russian Dolls’ basket from Moonko.

The basket arrived this morning and I am delighted with my purchase and the surprise card that Moonko had included.

As soon as the bag arrived I couldn’t wait to use it. As I am forever loosing things when I’m crafting I’ve decided to use the basket to store my sewing stash and it is now in pride of place on my sewing table.

What I love about the bag is how bright and cheery it is. It’s a dull, grey morning here in Wakefield yet the basket is still managing to light up my room.


One thought on “Alexia Claire – Russian Dolls’ fabric basket

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