Getting better

This weekend I decided to have a go at making another iPad cover. The reason I’ve made a few in the last couple of weeks is that I’d like to set up my own business selling them. As a sewing novice the quality of my work isn’t good enough yet to sell the covers but I’m getting better and better every time I make one. This time I inserted a bag inside of the cover to hide the covers seams and I successfully added an elastic fastner (the fastner was too loose on the last bag I made). Unfortunately after I added the inside bag one of the cover’s outer seams burst so I had to patch the cover up from the outside which has dragged the covers quality and overall look down. To say it’s only my fourth major piece of sewing I’m still impressed with it.

On Thursday I met up with a friend for a day of shopping in Leeds. We visited the craft and fashion boutique Birds Yard where I spotted a fantastic necklace made out of zips, it was similar to the item below.

Lisa Mair – Upcycled Black Zipper and Bead Statement Necklace (Folksy)

This weekend I started to make my own version of the necklace. I bought 18inch zips for this but I’ve found that they’re too small as I want more petals on each flower. I’m going to buy some larger zips next week so hopefully I’ll be able to finish this project soon. A new academic year starts at college next week so I could do with a new necklace to banish away those back to work blues.

My attempt

If you’d like to have a go at making your own zipper flower the tutorial on Want 2 Scrap is really clear and easy to follow


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