How to make a half apron

As I’m forever losing things during a sewing session such as my measuring tape, pin box, scissors etc, I decided to make a half apron with a large front pocket so that I have somewhere to store my bits and pieces whilst I’m working.

In my fabric stash I have a beautiful piece of the Parisian inspired material ‘Mademoiselle’ by Lisa Bengtsson which I bought a few years ago from Northern Lights in Oxford. As the style of the material was inspired by Paris I decided to make the Parisian madame and the Eiffel Tower the focal points of my apron.

This is how I made the apron:

Step 1

Gather your materials.

You will need two pieces of fabric  one large enough to make the body of the apron and a smaller piece to make the pocket. I measured the fabric around my body before I began so that I could get the perfect fit, my measurements were: body 23″ x  13″, pocket 9.5″ x 11.5″. You will also need two pieces of material measuring 17″ long to make the apron string – I upcycled a material bag strap for my apron strings.

Step 2

Press (iron) all of the pieces  -this will help to prevent creases when sewing

Step 3

Fold and pin tan 1/2 inch seam around every edge of the material pieces. Press each edge as you finish it to help to keep it in place and makes it easier to sew.

Step 4

Using a straight stitch sew around the seams. Only stich around the top seam of the pocket as you will sew the other edges when you secure the pocket to the apron.

Step 5

Position the pocket on the apron and pin in place. I kept my pocket to one side as I wanted it to be positioned over my hip – you can place it where ever’s best for you.

Step 6

Keeping the straight stitch sew the remaining three edges of the pocket to the apron. I sewed two lines on each edge as not only did this add a decorative feature to the pocket it also added strength to the join.

Step 7

Position and pin the apron straps to the inside top edge of either side of the material.

Step 8

Continuing with the straight stitch sew the straps to the apron. Reverse over the stitch in order to provide additional strength and security to the straps.

Step 9

Wear your apron with pride!


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