Katie’s laptop sleeve

Yay, last night I finished Katie’s laptop sleeve. I’m posting it out today so I hope she likes it and it fits.



This weekend

As it’s only the end of teaching week three of the new term I’m still coming home exhausted every night so crafting has been taking a back seat. I was in bed for 9pm on Friday and spent most of Saturday napping. However a few weeks ago I promised my friend Kate that I’d make her a laptop case for her new work computer. She’s just started her first primary teaching post in Manchester, so this Sunday I managed to muster up enough energy to make most of the case.

I would have finished it today but unfortunately none of the buttons in my stash look big enough for this sleeve so I won’t be able to finish it until next weekend. Kate picked the outside material and I’ve added a hot pink material for the lining. I hope she likes it!

Color Lovers – patterned backgrounds for your blog

Recently, whilst browsing the internet, I discovered Color Lovers. a website that contains thousands of downloadable backgrounds that are fantastic for pimping your blog.

Here are a few of my favorite designs:

If you’d like to download a background for your own blog follow these simple steps:

1.Register with the website,

2.Find a pattern that you like and click on it

3.On the right hand side of the page under ‘Get this pattern image’ you can download the pattern. There are a variety screen size’s to choose from so pick the most appropriate for your blog.

4.Once you have downloaded the pattern you can save the image.

5.Upload the image to your blog


A weekend in Blackpool

The celebratory design for Blackpool Illuminations centenary

Last weekend Matt was complaining that we don’t have enough fun together, so this weekend I treated him to a weekend in Blackpool. I planned on spending a day on the Pleasure Beach then having a look around the illuminations in the evening.

In the end we did spend the day on the Pleasure Beach but in the evening went to see the Hot Ice show (kinda like ‘Dancing on Ice’ without the celebrities). We did plan on looking at the illuminations afterwards but it was really foggy when we came out so we didn’t stay out for long.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many photographs however below is a brief glimpse into our weekend.

Pleasure Beach

As we were walking to the show a bird pooed on Matt so we should be receiving lots good luck.

Tired feet

The arena before the show began. (Taking photo’s of the show was forbidden)

Breakfast – a huge banana and Nutella crepe

Early morning walk on the beach

After this weekend My ‘new year resolution’ is definitley to have more fun and spend less time mooching around the flat.

Draught excluder

I was inspired to make the draught excluder this weekend after reading Emma Hardy’s tutorial in Mollie Makes (issue 18)

I’d never created a piece using patchwork before and as we are now officially in autumn here in the UK a draught excluder will certainly be useful for keeping me toasty during the cold and windy months.

The tutorial in the magazine was fairly easy to follow and the illustrations really helped. As did the hexagon templates on the Mollie Makes blog. I decided to use the dark patch fabric to make the back of the draught excluder so fingers crossed it will look cleaner for longer.

Overall I’m impressed with the project although a few of the seams are a bit wonky and it isn’t as chunky as I’d like. As the draught excluder measures 35inches in length I did get fed up half way through the project as it took a long time to cut and sew the pieces together so instead of three lines of patchwork I made mine out of two.

I’m not overly fond of using the Catherine Kidston style material for making home furnishings for my living room as I want to create a more contemporary feel. I’ll probably end up remaking the draught excluder in brighter colours and once it’s been re-made I’d like to make some matching cushion cases to go with it. I decided to use the material this time as I wasn’t sure how the piece was going to turn out so I wanted to use material that I already had in the house instead of buying new..