Handmade ‘Dandelions in Shroom’ cushions

Since moving into my current home I’ve forever been saying that I’m going to give it a ‘homely’ makeover. It’s a typical rented property filled with beige carpets, cream walls and cheap furniture so it is in dire need of not only some love but also a colour injection. The thing is I have moved house on average twice a year every year for the the last nine years so my motivation to spend time and money on decorating the flat had been seriously lacking as I’m not used to staying in one place for long. However last week after signing an extension on the contract, and living here for 18 months already, I finally had the motivation that I need and have started creating my own home furnishings to give the place a bit of personality.

Last week I ordered the ‘Dandilions in Shroom‘ material from the Village Haberdashery so that I could make a start on livening up some old white cushions. I’m really impressed with the results, especially as it’s my first attempt at making cushions:

Not only did the Village Haberdashery send me the beautiful piece of ‘Dandilionss in Shroom‘ fabric by Rebekah Ginda they also included a free piece of the ‘Butterfly Dot in Sky Blue‘ which I’m going to use to make a crafty Christmas present. I already know what I’m going to make but I’m keeping it top secret in case the person that I’m making it for reads this. I’ll put it up on the blog once I’ve given it to her though.

In case you were wondering about the doll peaking out from behind the sofa it’s a Halloween witch which was handmade by my mum, us Holtam’s are a crafty bunch!


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