Country Living Christmas Fair

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent two tickets for the Harrogate Country Living Fair by Charlotte Macey Textiles. I was really excited about the event; as it was the first weekend after pay day I’d set myself a generous budget for buying and I expected the standards of crafts on offer to be really high. Although there were lots of lovely stalls I found the standard of the fair didn’t live up to my expectations. Quite a few stalls were either over priced or the goods on offer just weren’t that good. I did find a few new designer though and it was nice to see a few brands that I’d been following on the Internet first hand. A few ‘new to me’ companies to keep an eye on include the stationary brand Dear Prudence, All the Little Things printed textiles and Spring Lark who produce beautiful gadget cases.


All the little things

Spring Lark

In my next post I’ll introduce you to a few  of the companies that were at the fair who I’ve been following for a while. I also brought a few wonderful pieces that I’m looking forward to showing you.

*All pictures were sourced from the companies that are shown.


4 thoughts on “Country Living Christmas Fair

  1. I’m so pleased you liked what you saw. Great blog! As a stall holder is was a good chance to meet lots of new customers, everyone was really friendly. Let’s hope next year is even better. Thank you for including Spring Lark in your blog.

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