The end of Thursday sewing club

A week last Thursday saw the final session of Thursday night bag making club at The Craft Studio, Nottingham. Although the course was about making handbags I really wanted help with perfecting my gadget bag making technique so decided to utilise the last session by making a couple of iPad mini sleeves. I used the Liberty print fabric that I sourced at The Vintage Suitcase Fair in Buxton and am really happy with the results although the peacock case could do with squaring but I blame that on sewing late at night on a work day.

With the heatwave (I hate hot weather) and a few transport issues I ended up missing two of the five sessions which I’m actually quite gutted about.The handbag that I made during sessions one and two is hanging with pride above my sewing machine (I’m using it to store fabric scraps) and it would have been great if I could have made more than one. Maybe I should enrol on the next course and start from scratch again? I already have my eye on the free machine embroidery workshop and signed up to start a Sewing and Home Crafts course at Bolsover’s Adult Community Education (ACE) centre so will definitely be keeping up with my new hobby.

Liberty print iPad mini sleeve


Ipad mini liberty print sleeve



ipad mini liberty print cover


Indie month


A bit of a change from my usual sewing posts. Last month was #indiemonth so I want to share with you all of the beautiful things that I purchased plus this post has the added bonus of providing these retailers with some free publicity and it’s nice to be nice.

#indiemonth happens each year in July and is a month where consumers are urged to change their shopping habits and show their support for local independent retailers. Having moved to rural Derbyshire my shopping habits have naturally changed to more independent retailers rather than big brands as the nearest large shopping centre is over 20 miles away. When living in city centres I was a sucker for popping to places like hobby craft or WHSmiths whenever I needed something where as now the independent retailer is the more convenient option and I’m loving it. Corny as it sounds I felt as though I’d lost myself when living in the mass produced jungles that are today’s city centres and now i’m back to a simple country life I feel a lot better in general and have become a lot more creative. The added bonus of changing my shopping habits is that independent shopping is also turning out to be a lot cheaper. As mentioned in my previous post last weekend I bought 6 (larger than fat quarter) pieces of liberty fabric for £5. I have just started turning the fabric into gadget bags and have already managed to make two bags out of 1 piece of material, bargain!




So here’s a breakdown of what I purchased last month and where these items are from:

1.Beginners patchwork workshop – Quiltessential

2.Vintage chair – antique shop at Awkrights Mill, Cromford (sorry I can’t find the name of the shop)

3.5 week bag making course – The Craft Studio, Nottingham

4.Vintage mirror (bought for me by a friend) – The Vintage House

5.Fabric- unsure of stall name but was from The Vintage Suitcase fair

6.Hairband – Print Delight, Folksy