Look what I’ve made!! My first piece of dressmaking.

Ta, da, my first finished piece of dressmaking! Apologises for the poor quality photos but I wanted to show you the straight away. With straight away being as soon as I’d got back from dashing out to the pub to show the skirt off to one of my friends (that’s why it’s a bit creased).

There’s a few ‘home made marks’ around the hem and waist line but I’m rather impressed with my version of the Sewaholics Hollyburn Skirt. I was doubtful that dressmaking would be right for me as I’m not great at attention to detail  but I really enjoyed creating the skirt and it felt great earlier being out and about in an item that I’d made! I’ve got my eye on  a vintage t-shirt dress next and I will hopefully make it home one night this week before it is dark so that I can take some better photographs of the Hollyburn.

Hollyburn skirt front

hollyburn side skirt


5 thoughts on “Look what I’ve made!! My first piece of dressmaking.

  1. It’s lovely! I’ve also been looking at your bags too which are really cool. I’m the other way round – I’ve been making clothes and am now looking into making bags and accessories. 😀

    • Thank you. There’s a few ‘handmade edges’ but luckily I can hide them under a think jumper.

      We’ll have to swap tips re bag and dressmaking. I’m going to try a t-shirt dress next.

      • Fab, if I get stuck with anything I’ll be in touch!
        Have you got your pattern yet for a T Shirt dress? There’s a website called skinny bitch curvy chick and they have a free t shirt to download. How they do the neck line in really easy and finishes it of really professionally. If you look at the tag sbcc on my blog it will show you a couple I have made. To make it into a dress you could just follow the lines of the side seams to what ever length you want.
        If you do decide to give it a go when you cut out the PDF follow the lines to the edge of the paper, as if they were there, when cutting them out then stick together.
        I’ve used 3 different PDF patterns and they’ve all been different for cutting out.
        If you decide not to use that pattern, have a look anyway at the instructions for the neck.
        Exciting times……good luck! ✂️😃✂️

      • Wow, thanks for the super quick and detailed advice. I really appreciate it and am going to look up the website now. I have Vogue Vintage V8811 for inspiration but the pattern is a bit complicated for a beginner like me.

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