First make of 2014


Laundry Sack

Happy New Year my friends. I hope you have all been enjoying the first few days of 2014 and are suitable refreshed after the holiday period. As I work in the education sector I’ve been lucky enough to have two whole weeks off but am unfortunately now on countdown to the start of the new term. I only have three more lazying around days till I’m back at it :-(.

With the new year representing new beginning and all that jazz I decided to spend most of the holidays decorating my bedroom room and up-cycling furniture for the house I’m going to buy in 2013. I decided to pain the room as I’ve never got round to putting my own stamp on it in May and I want it to finally feel like it’s ‘mine’ rather than a guest room. I’m not completely happy with my projects yet so you’ll have to wait for a post on that but I did however sew a new laundry bag last night which I have posted photos of above. I’m so rock and roll. As I am out of string and am not spending money this month the closing isn’t finished yet. I’m going to add a few belt hoops to thread the string through to create a drawstring effect. I also need to create a second bag so that I can separate my whites and colours as I hate sorting laundry before I’m able to wash it. A domestic goddess I am not.

In the spirit of being thrifty (i do have a house deposit to save for) the fabric for this bag was from my stash. The peacock print is from an old curtain that I picked up at the vintage fair I blogged about in the summer whilst the blue polly cordon, again purchased in the summer, was sourced from a stall on Nottingham’s market.

How has everyone else been spending their festive brake? Has anyone finished their first make of 2014 yet?


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