Pattern Pyramid Giveaway IS HERE!

This is a really great idea and a fab giveaway.

Sew Your Heart Out

Okay – I have (finally) chosen my pattern from the stash lovingly sent to me from across the pond.  Okay, I chose more than one, I was having so much trouble deciding on which one.  So, I have replaced a few with some of my own.

The patterns  – most (but not all) are multi-sized patterns, most range from 8 – 22/24 (US sizing), and therefore, can be fairly easily alterterd to fit pretty much any size.

So heres how it works……

  • Comment on this post indicating your wanting to take part, at the end of the alloted period of time all names are entered into a random selection program, the name that is thrown out at me is the next recipient!!! Easy peasy huh!?
  • This is NOT exclusive to the USA so please feel free where ever you are on the planet, give it a go ….. I will…

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