I’m back and with Granny Holty in tow!

Although the blog is still under construction, I need a new a new photo for my about me page and I have a few illustration ideas that I’d like to add, I want to get back into the swing of writing and creating therefore I’m setting myself the challenge of writing a post a day for the rest of this month. I bought my first Digital SLR camera today, am having my first tattoo tomorrow and start a bag making course on Thursday so I should have lots to post about 🙂

Today I’m going to share with you another first – my first Etsy shop.  After a relationship breakdown I secured a new job and have just moved back to my mothers – I’ve been back for around five weeks and we’re both still alive so I’ll take it as a success as we don’t get along. A few weeks ago I discovered a draw full of my Grandma’s old costume jewellery which was discarded when she moved into a nursing home. After taking a few keepsakes I’ve decided to sell the rest as I’d rike them to continue to be worn rather than sitting in a draw gathering dust. In honour of my gran the shop’s called Granny Holty and next to every piece of jewellery their’s the story of why my Grandmother bought it, such as the cat brooch which combines her favourite type of pet with her favourite colour.


For my most of my life my Grandma had red hair and although she’s rocking silver fox look nowadays she still has a wardrobe full of red handbags and clothes.

Granny Holty

Granny Hotly