June Photo Scavenger Hunt


Apologies but due to illness and a holiday to Marrakesh I’m late posting this month. However better late then never so below are my jubilee inspired scavenger hunt pics. I managed to take all of my jubilee pics in our local shopping centre during the Diamond Jubilee weekend. A lot of the streets and shops were decked out for the celebrations.


This is the Peter Jones Diamond Jubilee photo display.


I found this crown on a t-shirt in Debenhams.


Due to the wind  it was really hard to take a picture of any of the bunting hung outside. Instead I took of snap of the bunting hanging inside my local Topshop.


In Sainsbury’s there were some Queen and DoE masks. Here’s a pic of me pretending to be the her Majesty the Queen of England.


The Olympic Torch

Today a little bit of history was made as the Olympic torch came to the town where I work. Luckily I managed to get a really good spot so not only did I get to see the torch I also got some good pictures too.

The crowds lined the street as we waited for the torch to arrive.

Before the torch came the Olympic team sent a team of runners to clear the way and to excite the crowd.

As the torch goes past the crowd goes wild.

I was really close to it!

The runner is interviewed for TV.

A close up of the torch and the runner.