My new tattoo

Yesterday I posted about my personal challenge to publish a blog post on each of the remaining days in July. Well today’s day two of the challenge and this is my second post – win!

I had the day off today so that I could go and get my first ever tattoo. I went for the consultation months ago but chickened out at the last minute but now felt like the right time and I’m so glad that I finally had it done. It looks fantastic!

As I wanted a tattoo that had a personal meaning I decided on a dove theme. I’ve suffered from quite serious mental health problems for the last 16 years, as doves are a symbol of peace I’m hoping that when I’m ‘going over the edge’ looking at this will help to calm me down. After much Googling below is the only image that inspired me as i like the mix of aztec and henna styles.


Due to copy-write issues the tattooist wouldn’t let me have an exact copy which I’m glad about now as after changing the design many times I finally approved a version which was  is perfect for me. The original designs felt too girly.

Before and after

Before and after

Blue, which is my favourite colour, is known for it’s calming properties so based on the purpose of the tattoo it felt fitting that the outline and parts of the shading were in blue tones. I decided to contrast this with yellow as I  have always found this to be a really happy colour, the contrast also reminds me of the sea and the sun/ the sky and the sun which are images that always make me feel at piece.

Do you have a tattoo? What is the story behind yours and why is it special to you?




Under construction

With my new found spare time I’ve decided to re-design this blog whilst I wait for my sewing desk to arrive. I hope to be finished in a week or so, just in time for the bag making course to start


Moroccan Pottery

At the start of the month myself and Matt (the other half) went on a four night  break to Marrakesh. As the holiday coincided with the first week of my college’s summer holidays I was absolutely exhausted so we spent most of our time mooching around the pool, however we did manage to fit in a trip to a local pottery shop where I bought a beautifully decorated tagine pot and two candle holders.

Whilst we were there we had a tour of the workshop where we saw the pots being shaped, the drying area and the kiln where they’re fired. It reminded me of my own college days and the compulsory ceramics module I had to take.

I really like the way that the people in Marrakesh don’t waste anything. Even the broken pots outside of the kiln are going to be reshaped and turned into mosaic pieces.

Of course no trip to Marrakech would be complete without a visit to the souks so I also came home with two individual cooking tagines. Luckily they all survived the flight home with only one minor chip in one of the cooking pots.

Inspired by … Christmas

I’ve made the most of today’s bank holiday by browsing lots of craft blogs . As Christmas is the season of giving I’ve decided to take advantage of this by having a go at making Christmas ornies to sell at craft fairs.  Part of the profits can then be used to help the fundraising efforts for Marrakech 2013. I paticulary liked the bell and bauble designs in Mollie Makes an have downloaded the templates from their blog. I am going to buy some felt and thread this weekend so that I can get started.

Inspired by….Marrakech

I have just started a new page on this blog documenting the volunteer trip to Marrakech that I am organising for my college students. To help these learners with their fundraising efforts I am hoping to get crafty, selling my wares at markets so that the profits can go towards funding their trip.  Below are a few of the pieces that have inspired me during tonight’s internet browsing session.

1. Marrakech (felt brooch) – Designed by Jane

2.Tribal visions of Marrakech (earings) – 13Alternatives

3.Mixed media art ring (ring) – Annuk

4. Marrakech elephants  (18″ cushion cover ) – Monsoon Calamity 

5.Marrakech Mystique (necklace) – EsmaDesignsLLC