Resewlutions 2014


As it’s the first ‘normal’ weekend of 2014 I thought I’d take the time to reflect on the past year and document my hopes for this new one.

Inspired by attending a number of sewing classes 2013 was the year that I found my sewing mojo. The classes that I attended include:

  • 5 week bag making
  • Beginners quilting
  • Applique
  • Basic Dressmaking
  • Making a top

Via these classes I learnt how to insert seams, sew button holes, add zips and attach bias binding. This lead to me making both my first skirt  and my first tunic although I’m not sure the skirts going to get much wear as I was seduced by the ‘beginners’ label rather than thinking about my style. Last year I also bought tonnes of haberdashery supplies, dress making patterns and gorgeous jersey fabric so now that I’ve learnt the lesson about sewing items that will fit with my personal tastes I’m looking forward to a busy but hopefully inexpensive year of sewing. Yeah right, somehow I doubt the stash will be any smaller this time next year as I’m already 99.9% sure that I’m going to end up buying this fantastic bunting inspired jersey from RayStich. After all my Peony muslim is going to be completed tomorrow and once I’ve gone through the pain of making alterations to the fit (this will also be a first) I deserve some beatiful fabric to make the final version in.

bunting_1In 2014 I would like to continue practicing and developing my skills by:

  • Making the time to sew for a at least a short time every week – I’ve signed up to a dressmaking class at the college where I work so i’ll have two hours dedicated sewing time every Monday 🙂
  • Continuing with The Monthly Stitch along – I managed to complete my November project in time but Decembers project is still a WIP. However i’m going for quality over quantity and as a newbies surely I’m allowed the odd extension?
  • Take part in Collettes’s ‘The Wardrobe Architect’ project which will involve taking a less haphazard approach to choosing sewing projects. With the aim being to reduce the number of me-made items that I don’t wear by spending the time to planning my sewing so that they reflect my own personal style.